Aftersales promotions

Extended Warranty Package

Extend your confidence on the road with the Škoda Extended Warranty Package. 

As your original warranty concludes, we offer you the option to maintain that invaluable peace of mind. With a straightforward vehicle pre-check, you can qualify for further protection. For complete details on eligibility and pricing, we recommend you to reach out to our trusted service consultant.

Škoda Tyre Shield

At Škoda, having you drive safely is our priority. That is why we introduced Škoda Tyre Shield to offer you extra protection when investing in new tyres for your car. You can now enjoy a safer driving experience with added peace of mind that your tyres are being protected the way they should be.

Pedal into adventure with the Škoda Cycling Package

Embrace Škoda's heritage of authenticity and innovation with our exclusive Cycling Package, perfect for adventurous spirits and urban explorers alike. Plus, elevate your explorations with our tow hitch accessory, built for seamless functionality and style.

Škoda 2-year roadside assistance coverage

Our roadside assistance team is available 24/7 to assist you and your Škoda, be it a simple query about your vehicle or an emergency. Leave the hassle to us.

Purchase our 2-year Roadside assistance service for your Škoda at $150 nett (U.P. $196) and enjoy the benefits of reliable assistance around the clock.

Your warranty period may have ended, but we're still looking out for you and your Škoda.



Škoda essential bundles

Upkeep your Škoda with these essential bundles curated to lower the cost of your car ownership.

360 packages

Let your ŠMARTS shine through. Enjoy all round savings on all round protection with 360 Basic and 360 Shield.