Laurin & Klement

In pursuit of excellence

The inscription 'Laurin & Klement' alludes to our founders, who lived by the motto: 'Only the best is good enough for our customers'. This maxim has underpinned Škoda's design work for more than 120 years, and we continue to adhere to it to this day. These steadfast efforts to offer you a car of the utmost perfection and comfort, have resulted in the outstanding Laurin & Klement trim level, available for selected models.

The logo is the statement

The inscription says it all: Laurin & Klement versions are designed specifically for those demanding maximum comfort with all the hallmarks of exclusivity. The car is stamped with the Laurin & Klement badge on all sides.

An invitation to step inside

The stainless steel door sill trims, with the Laurin & Klement inscription, not only protects your car but also welcomes you to our top-of-the-range Škoda models.

Embroidered hallmark

Sit back and relax in leather seats that feature the Laurin & Klement logo embroidered on the backrests.

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