360 Shield Care

The Professional Full Works with 360 Shield

Brighten up the Smart way with the power of 360 Shield. Pamper your Škoda with the full professional treatment for a thorough shine. The 360 Shield promises up to 2 years durability against weathering and deterioration.

  1. Professional application
  2. Full exterior protection
  3. Longer-lasting protection
  4. Rapid water dispersion
  5. Water-repellent
  6. Easy cleaning
  7. Bright gloss
  8. High reflectivity
  9. Anti-fouling

Limited time offer: Enjoy 20% discount for first 100 customers at $640 (U.P. $800) for all Škoda models. Hurry and book your 360 Shield treatment today!

Please speak to our Service Advisors or call +65 6305 7299 to book your appointment.

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