MOON Wallbox


Explore our wallbox charging solution tailored for installation at your home.

A wallbox serves as a charging station for electric vehicles, mounted either on a wall or a pedestal.

Wallboxes come in various types, distinguished by performance features and pricing. Some models charge vehicles with 7.4kW other with 11 kW.

Additionally, it's crucial to determine whether the wallbox will be publicly accessible or restricted to private use, as this affects compliance with Technical Reference TR 25:2022, which is the national EV charging standard that sets out technical safety requirements for EV chargers in Singapore.

The advantages of wallboxes for electromobility are numerous. Primarily, they provide a convenient and easy way to charge electric vehicles at home, eliminating the need to rely on public charging stations.

MOON Wallbox energized by Schneider Electric

The new wallbox for your electric vehicle.

Typically, the MOON wallbox is offered as a package inclusive standard installation. The LTA registration of the charger has to be conducted by the owner.

Price on request

Model Schneider EVlink Home
Product type AC charging station
Mounting mode Wall-mounted
Power Output 11 kW 16A (3P + N)
7.4 kW 32A (1P + N)
Socket-outlet type Type 2 connector with 5m attached cable
Dimensions H x W x D 409 mm x 282 mm x 148 mm
Net weight 5.6 kg (3PN)
4.5 kg (1PN)
Local Certification TR25:2022