Smart savings with our Prepaid Service Repair Package

Enjoy 3 years stress-free with services by certified technicians using only genuine Škoda parts. Now that's smart planning.

Prepaid Service Repair Package

With our Prepaid Service Repair Package (PSRP), you can rest assured that your servicing and repair needs will be expertly handled with special tools in accordance to factory guidelines and with direct technical support from Škoda Headquarters. 

We've got your next 3 years covered and you even get to enjoy up to $500+ savings!*

*Savings of up to $430+ is only upon purchase of 3 service packages (60,000 km, 75,000km & 90,000 km).

Service Repair Package SRP Discount Parts Discount
Service Repair Package 60,000km SRP Discount 10% Parts Discount 20%
Service Repair Package 75,000km SRP Discount 20% Parts Discount 20%
Service Repair Package 90,000km SRP Discount 25% Parts Discount 25%
Service Repair Package 105,000km or higher SRP Discount 30% Parts Discount 30%

Get freebies worth up to $199.

It gets better with freebies when you sign up a Prepaid Service Repair Package.

1 x Complimentary Basic Engine Care

Extra care for the heart of your car - your engine. 

Like taking care of your heart, taking care of your Škoda engine pays off in the long run and results in a smoother running engine and better fuel efficiency. 

Our various engine care packages ensure that your engine is well taken care of. For example, by effectively removing carbon deposits and thoroughly cleaning your injectors, you can enjoy enhanced engine performance.

(worth $48)

1 x Complimentary Basic Aircon Care

Keep yourself and your family healthy, with clean air on the go. 

In Singapore's hot and humid climate, your vehicle's air-con system needs regular servicing and cleaning to keep it free from foul odour and potential health hazards resulting from the build-up of bacteria, mould or fungus.

(worth $48)

1 x Complimentary 3M Sanitization Package

A special care in special times to protect your health.

In times like this, it is vital to protect your health and your loved ones. We offer a safe service of thorough disinfection of your car, from the steering wheel, hand brake, door handles, through to the other main surfaces. 

(worth $38)

1 x Complimentary Quick Seal

Protects your vehicle's paintwork against water, water spots and dirt with superior water beading.

Apply a long lasting spray-on sealant during the car wash to protect your vehicle's paintwork and render dirt repellent. Quick Seal also enhances the colour depth of the paintwork surface in the course of the spraying process, resulting in a mirror shine with excellent water and dirt repellent.

(worth $15)

1 x $50 Merchandise/ Lifestyle Accessories Discount Off

Be in style, on and off the road.

As the saying goes, quality never goes out of style, Škoda Genuine Accessories and Merchandise bring a feeling of optimism into your day-to-day lives. 

Ranging from styling bar, folding table with cup holder, bicycle carriers, to the classic fit t-shirt, backpack, beach towel and many more, our products combine perfectly styled elegance, powerful dynamics and exclusive comfort.

(with minimum purchase of $150)

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Prepaid Service Repair Packages (PSRP) discounts apply to both parts and labour.

2. The special genuine parts discounts are applicable only in conjunction with a job order, and do not apply to labour charges.

3. Parts discounts are not applicable for insurance claims.

4. Parts discounts take effect from the date of purchase of the PSRP. Specific value of genuine parts discounts and validity are dependent on the number of packages purchased.

5. All complimentary offers (freebies) are to be redeemed by 12 months from the PSRP purchase date, only complimentary basic aircon and basic engine care are to be redeemed on the next servicing appointment. No further extension will be allowed.

6. Prepaid Service Repair Packages (PSRP) are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. 

7. Škoda Centre Singapore has the right to change the terms and conditions of this PSRP programme at any time without prior notice.

8. Škoda Centre Singapore reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to this rewards programme.