Electric cars FAQ

How many dealership will be selling electric cars?

Eventually all of our dealers will offer electric vehicles. Each of these partners will give you basic information about eMobility and will have at least one of the models in the showroom. They will also be able to offer you a test drive in an electric car. (You should take into account that the dealer may not have just purely electric models, but also plug-in hybrid models.)

Will my EV make any sounds?

This area is now covered by legislation and the Superb iV, Octavia iV and Enyaq iV models use e-sound.

Where are the electric cars made?

The Octavia iV is produced in Mladá Boleslav.• The Superb iV is produced in Kvasiny.• The Enyaq iV is produced in Mladá Boleslav.

Are electric vehicles pricier?

That depends on the country where you want to buy the EV.

Are there other EV purchase options?

The options depend on the country where you want to finance or lease the EV. We are sure there are multiple options and your local dealership can help to find the best one for you.

How much does the operation of an electric car cost per 100 km (purely theoretically and on average, bearing in mind that supplier prices are another factor), excluding depreciation?

The estimated price of "fuel" in the operation of an electric vehicle provides some sort of indication. At an average price of SGD 2.75 per litre of petrol and consumption of about 6 litres per 100 km, that works out as approximately SGD 16.50. Driving 100 km in an electric car uses about 17 kWh. At a price of SGD 0.30 per kWh, driving an electric car 100 km costs about SGD 5.00. The price per kWh, however, depends on your tariff, which you definitely need to optimise in line with the operation of the electric car in order to benefit from the best energy prices. Another factor affecting the cost of operation is vehicle servicing and maintenance. It will not be necessary, for example, to change oil, filters and other parts associated with the complex system of internal combustion engines.

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