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At Das WeltAuto, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality pre-owned cars to you! Each model undergoes a series of 115 stringent checks before each sale.

Additionally, enjoy up to 1-year extended warranty with any DasWelt Auto purchase!

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Only cars that pass our detailed 115-point inspection will be approved for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Das WeltAuto?

Das WeltAuto is Škoda's Certified Pre-Owned car program. We offer the same level of extraordinary experience as buying a brand-new car. All our pre-owned cars comes with a "Certificate of Quality" which certifies that your vehicle has been carefully checked and professionally appraised in accordance to Škoda standards. Which includes but limited to 115 Points Check, Certified accurate Vehicle History And Genuine Mileage, Certified No Chassis/Structural Damage, Certified Pre-Owned Warranty By Volkswagen & Škoda Singapore.


Is Das WeltAuto part of Volkswagen Group Singapore?

Yes, we are the only one! Das WeltAuto is Škoda's Certified Pre-Owned car program and operates under Volkswagen Group Singapore.