How it all started

Striving for the Best

It all started in 1894 when Václav Klement saw reason to complain about the poor workmanship of his new bicycle. The rather rude reaction of the manufacturer prompted Klement, together with the bicycle mechanic Václav Laurin, to repair bicycles himself from December 1895. Their new outfit began making bicycles before quickly moving onto motorcycles and their first car in 1905. Our founders lived by the motto "Only the best is good enough for our customers", a slogan we still honor to this day.

How it all started

Václav Klement

Václav Klement was of humble origin. Instead of becoming a village blacksmith, he had another chance: he completed an apprenticeship as a bookseller. As a young man, he took over a bookshop in Mladá Boleslav, which he also converted into a general store, a bicycle shop and selling bicycle parts. His insatiable curiosity, unbridled creativity and good business acumen made Klement a great partner for the rather meticulous Laurin.

How it all started

Václav Laurin

Václav Laurin completed his apprenticeship as a machinist. After that, he continued his education and looked for new challenges - so he learned how to operate steam engines. Laurin settled in Mladá Boleslav, where he founded a bicycle factory with Václav Klement. An excellent engineer and visionary who could tinker with an idea and think it through to the last detail, he proved the ideal match for the enterprising and sometimes short-tempered businessman Klement.

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