Radiator grille

The radiator grille with its high-quality appearance and three-dimensional dynamic form features a finely drawn chrome frame and comprises single or double vertically arranged slats. Another striking feature takes its cue from the grill: the winged-arrow logo mounted prominently on the bonnet's front edge.


The design of the headlights is inspired by the rich traditions of Bohemian glass art. The crystalline cut of the headlights and the light strips that make up the 'eyelashes' create a unique lighting pattern.

Fog lights

Škoda SUVs' fog lights are positioned so that they remain unscathed off-road. Together with the headlights, they contribute to the fascia's unique look.

Shoulder line

The precise, highly-set shoulder line accentuates the dynamism, allowing a powerful graduation on the side and achieving an effective contrast between light and shade.

Squar-shaped wheel arches

Square-shaped wheel arches underline the impression of power, another tell-tale sign of a Škoda SUV.

Tail lights

All Škoda cars share the same signature tail lights forming the Škoda-typical 'C' shape.

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