Škoda Superb Clever Inside

Easy open cup holder and jumbo box

The Easy-open cup holder is one of our simple yet useful solutions. As the name suggests, the unique shape of the holder makes it possible for the driver to open the bottle with just one hand, and thus, pay appropriate attention to steering. The Superb comes with two Easy-open cup holders as standard.


The Jumbo Box is a practical storage compartment offering over 5 litres of space, located in the adjustable armrest between the front seats. It is complemented with a cooling function, lighting, USB port and tablet holder.


Škoda Superb Clever Inside

Umbrella compartments in both front doors

The Superb has an umbrella compartment in both front doors, allowing for the storage of umbrellas. The compartment is water-resistant so even wet umbrellas can be stored-with water from them being drained outside the car.

Škoda Superb Clever Inside

Welcome logo

The LEDs located on the underside of the front doors with the Škoda inscription illuminate the entry area.

*Available only with Superb L&K

Škoda Superb Clever Inside

Storage nets on the inside edges of the front seats

Storage pockets on the inside edges of the front seats are designed to hold everything you need to have within reach, such as charging cables. Not only that, the Superb's interior is teeming with other clever compartments.

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