Škoda superb safety

Assistance system

A whole phalanx of assistance systems is available for your enhanced safety. The Superb's revision has expanded its range of cutting-edge innovations such as Predictive Pedestrian Protection for Front Assist, and Side Assist with a reach of up to 70 m.

Škoda superb safety

Airbags and impact protection

Up to seven airbags deliver finely tuned interaction with three-point automatic seat belts and safety head restraints to protect the driver and passengers from injury.

Škoda superb safety

Front assist with predictive pedestrian protection

The Front Assist is a collision-alert safety system. When faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise consequences. It also performs an emergency stop if a pedestrian attempts to cross the path of the car dangerously.

Škoda superb safety

Side assist

Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the Side Assist detects vehicles that are approaching from behind or in the car's blind spot. This is informed by an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings. Side Assist can also detect vehicles up to 70 metres away and effectively warns you of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways.

Škoda superb safety

Electionic stability control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps every driver to handle critical situations when the car is about to skid. The control unit constantly compares current data on the vehicle's driving behaviour with preset values. If the values do not match, the control unit gives the command to stabilise the vehicle. This allows it to prevent slipping or locking of the wheels.

Škoda superb safety

Park assist

Park Assist semi-automatically guides the car into perpendicular parking spaces (forward and backward), and in and out of parallel spots. The system assists you by automatically carrying out optimal steering wheel movements to park within the lines - you simply have to accelerate and brake.

*Available only with Superb L&K

Škoda superb safety

Rear wiew camera

When parking, the Rear-view Camera on the fifth door handle acts as an extra pair of eyes where you can't see. 

Škoda superb safety

Driver alert (Fatigue detection)

Driver Alert reduces the risk of a fatigue-induced emergency. By monitoring driver behaviour, the system assesses the degree of driver fatigue and, if necessary, warns of the need for a rest. 

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