Extended Warranty by Škoda Center Singapore Pte Ltd


All Škoda passenger vehicles come with a 2-year unlimited mileage vehicle manufacturer warranty.


The extended warranty period for passenger cars begins either at the start of the 3rd year after the date of first vehicle registration and terminates latest 5 years from the registration date or at the mileage of 100,000km (whichever comes first).




Covered object and event

Škoda vehicles are eligible for the extended warranty if:

  1. The first vehicle registration has been done by Škoda Centre Singapore.
  2. In Škoda's judgement, the vehicle complies with all manufacturers recommended servicing and maintenance requirements and intervals.
  3. The vehicle has been serviced, maintained and repaired by Volkswagen Authorized Network or in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance and service guidelines and regulations in Singapore during the VGS Extended Warranty period.


Covered costs

Subject to the terms and conditions herein, Škoda agrees to repair or replace, at its option and expense, the component parts listed in the "Coverage" section below that fail or experience abnormal wear in  the course of your ownership of the vehicle, subject to the extended warranty period and validity. Any of the warranty items listed under the "Coverage" section of this extended warranty will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Škoda, which only uses Genuine Parts and recommended and approved lubricants. 


✓ The below are COVERED by the warranty:



  1. Cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket
  2. Crankcase, crankshaft vibration dampers
  3. Oil pan, oil pressure switch, oil filter casing and all inner parts/core parts that are connected with the oil circuit (excluding joints and gaskets)
  4. Flywheel and drive pulley with toothed rim
  5. Camshaft belt respectively camshaft drive chain with clamping device and tension/reversing pulley
  6. Mechanical parts of the suction pipe
  7. Turbocharger with control unit, rotary engine casing
  8. If the scheduled maintenance intervals for the camshaft belt respectively camshaft drive chain with peripheral parts had not been kept, the warrantor is discharged of his obligation under this warranty.


Fuel System

  1. Fuel pump, injection pump
  2. Injector nozzles, fuel injectors
  3. Carburetor


Manual and Automatic Transmission

  1. Gearbox casing and all inner parts
  2. Torque converter
  3. Electronic control unit for automatic transmission
  4. Electrohydraulic switch gear unit



  1. Master brake cylinder, wheel brake cylinder, wheel cylinder
  2. Brake booster
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. Hydraulic elements of the brake caliper, controller, and hydraulics of the anti-lock braking system
  5. Braking force limiter
  6. Wheel speed sensors


Axle Differential

  1. Axle transmission housing (front and rear propulsion)
  2. Including all inner parts, electronic and mechanical differential lock


Axle Drive and Axle Suspension

  1. Cardan shafts, axle drive shafts
  2. Driving joints (excluding cv joint seals)
  3. Wheel bearings, wheel hubs



  1. Mechanical or hydraulic steering gear with all inner parts
  2. Electrical steering support motor
  3. Hydraulic pump with all inner parts and electronic steering components



  1. Master cylinder
  2. Slave cylinder


All Controlling Systems

  1. Compressor
  2. Capacitor
  3. Radiator fan with regulator and evaporator


Electrical System

  1. Alternator with automatic controller
  2. Starter
  3. Electric/electronic parts and sensors of the ignition system (excluding ignition cables, distributor cap with rotors and spark plugs)
  4. Parts of the preheating system (excluding glow plugs and fuses)
  5. Engine control unit
  6. Electronic and electromechanical components and sensors of the engine control system; wire harness of engine management system only


Cooling System

  1. Water pump, water cooler, motor oil cooler
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. Thermostat
  4. Fan (electric and mechanic, incl. viscose clutch, without fan wheel), fan control
  5. Radiators for automatic transmission
  6. Thermal switch


Safety Systems

  1. Electronic sensors and the pyrotechnic propulsion unit
  2. Airbag and belt tensioners control unit (not if damage results from accidents)


Driving Dynamics Systems

  1. Controllers and sensors for electronic and electromechanical driving dynamics systems
  2. Without wirings and attached pneumatic and/or hydraulic units


Exhaust System

  1. Exhaust manifold (except as complete unit with catalyst and/or particle filter)
  2. Oxygen sensor (mounting elements only in connection with the substitution of a damaged oxygen sensor)


Comfort Electronics

  1. Rear window heater elements (glass breakage excluded)
  2. Heater actuators, heat blower motor with amplifier respectively series resistor, seat heating elements
  3. Central locking drives, central locking control unit
  4. Immobilizer
  5. Electric power window drives
  6. Wiper motors, motor, and controller for the electrical sunroof
  7. Instrument cluster
  8. On board computer (multifunction display) and body control module (excluding any connection to Sat Navis or multimedia equipment)
  9. Park distance control sensors


✖ The below are NOT COVERED by the warranty:


The Extended Warranty does not cover costs and / or repair measures that are not directly related to the repair of the defective part/component. This includes, for example, recovery / towing costs, the costs of accommodation and meals, courtesy car costs and compensation for loss of use or delays.


Furthermore, there will be no reimbursement of costs for parts, components or operating fluids that, according to the manufacturer's guidelines, would have been scheduled for replacement due to their age, service life or mileage at the time when the warranty event occurred, or for costs of wheel alignment, or for costs for software updates or system releases.


Modifications to the vehicle / add-ons and retrofits

The Extended Warranty does not cover defects:

  1. caused by modifications to the original design of the vehicle (e.g. tuning or alternative drive technologies)
  2. caused by the installation of third-party parts or accessories that are not approved by the manufacturer or approved modifications made by Škoda.


Improper use, treatment or care of the vehicle

The Extended Warranty does not cover defects:

  1. caused by the use of unsuitable (not approved by the manufacturer) or contaminated lubricants, operating fluids or incorrect fuels.
  2. caused by leakage or loss of lubricants or operating fluids, or incorrect fuels.
  3. caused by improper use of the vehicle, use of the vehicle in another way than in accordance with the manufacturer's standards as set out in the owner's manual, prolonged periods of non-use of the vehicle, or by overloading the vehicle such as exposing the vehicle to axle loads and/or trailer loads higher than those permitted by the manufacturer.
  4. caused by using the vehicle in speed-timed events, competitive motorsport events or practice for these events.
  5. caused by the use of any part / component clearly in need of repair, unless such part / component had been at least provisionally repaired by a qualified professional with our approval, before the defect occurred.


External circumstances

The insurance does not cover defects:

  1. caused by oxidation, corrosion or water inlet.
  2. caused by an accident, e.g. a sudden external event directly impacting the vehicle with mechanical force.
  3. caused by willful or malicious acts, especially theft, unauthorized use, robbery, vandalism, misappropriation or other criminal acts or any other use incompliant with applicable law.
  4. caused by a direct external impact, such as storms, hail, lightning strike, earthquake or flooding.
  5. caused by fire or explosion.
  6. caused by seizure or other sovereign interventions.
  7. caused by acts of war of any kind, invasion, revolution, civil war, civil unrest, strikes or terrorism.
  8. caused by nuclear energy, nuclear radiation or radioactive substances.
  9. caused by animals of any kind.
  10. caused by data tampering or manipulation (hacking and cyber-attacks).


Third-party obligation

The Extended Warranty does not cover defects, which are or should be indemnified by a third-party in its capacity as insurance company, manufacturer, seller, importer or supplier under a repair contract, statutory or contractual warranty or any other warranty commitment (goodwill).


🛇 Limitation to cover


To be eligible for the Extended Warranty and for its validity,

  1. The vehicle must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's prescribed and recommended maintenance and service schedule, with the work being carried out in due time by a qualified workshop or a workshop recognized by the manufacturer. All service records and invoices must be made available on request. At no point should the vehicle have missed the recommended service interval by more than 60 days or 2,000 km.
  2. The vehicle must be operated at all times in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Manufacturer's recall campaigns and other manufacturer prescribed actions must be complied with.
  3. Should the odometer be replaced or be defect, this must be documented with a statement of the correct mileage at that time.
  4. Any vehicle used for hire or reward (e.g. taxis, private hire, driving schools etc.) or any vehicle owned by contract hire or similar companies, or a vehicle used in any sort of competition, rally or racing of any kind are not eligible for the Extended Warranty.
  5. Škoda may at its sole discretion and at any time determine a vehicle to be ineligible for this Extended Warranty if it has reason to believe that the vehicle does not fulfill any of the above conditions.
  6. The Extended Warranty is transferable to next owner of the existing vehicle. Škoda determines the eligibility of the next owner after checking the servicing history of the vehicle and all the transfer/ownership documents to ensure that the criteria for the Extended Warranty are fulfilled. Škoda reserves the right to decline the new owner coverage under the Extended Warranty if the vehicle does not fulfill the eligibility criteria.


Škoda will not bear any liability, insofar as the law permits, for additional costs such as service charges, loss of time, loss of use of the vehicle during the repair period, inconvenience or consequential loss or damage, or charges in connection with a vehicle breakdown (such as our breakdown attendance fee, towing charges or loan of a replacement car to you during the repair period). Škoda expresses or implies no warranty or representation on the condition, quality, description, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of the vehicle (or part thereof), under this Extended Warranty.


Škoda reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions without prior notice to customers. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof on Škoda's website.