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Essential Bundles


ŠKODA Essential Bundles ŠMART Savings

Essential Parts For Your ŠKODA

Upkeep your ŠKODA with specifically designed genuine parts that guarantee a smooth operation and smart performance drive. 

Refit your ŠKODA with these exclusive offers on essential parts for an easy ŠMART drive.


Everything is ŠKODA Clear


•  Aero Wipers - 25% OFF
•  Tyre rotation (U.P. $32) - $25


Resist bad weather in your ŠKODA with a 25% discount on our Aero Wipers that polish your screen free of distractions in any driving condition. Improve your drive with our Tyre Rotation service at $25 (U.P. $32) to even the tread wear of your tyres, maximising performance and lifespan.


ŠKODA Perfect Brake Performance


•  Brake Pads & Discs - 25% OFF

•  Tyre rotation (U.P. $32) - $25


Experience reliable quality performance in your ŠKODA's braking, cornering, and overall safer driving experience with the upkeep of your vehicle in this Essential Bundle B, inclusive of genuine-part Brake Pads & Discs at 25% discount and Tyre Rotation at $25 (U.P. $32).


Terms & Conditions:
Discount is only applicable on Parts, excluding labour.


Dynamic ŠKODA Energy


•  Starting price at $243 for Genuine Battery

•  2-year Warranty Plan  - 40% OFF

•  Battery Coding


Your journey begins with your ŠKODA Battery supplying your vehicle with the energy it needs to power through each drive. Purchase our Essential Bundle C to refit your ŠKODA with secured energy from our Genuine Battery starting at $198 and 2-year Warranty Plan at 40% OFF. 


Terms & Conditions:
Discount is only applicable on Parts, excluding labour.

Aero Wipers

Designed with an aerodynamic shape that fits your ŠKODA's windscreen giving it a clean wipe - providing you with a clear vision on your drive.

Brake Pads & Discs

Specifically designed and adjusted to your vehicle's weight, engine performance and maximum speed. This in turn guarantees your ŠKODA a precise brake performance.

Tyre Rotation

Ensure optimal wear performance across your ŠKODA's tyres to maximise its tread life and upkeep for long-lasting wear.

Genuine Battery

Genuine Battery

Power on with high-quality materials to deliver the right amount of energy your ŠKODA needs on each journey. Also ensuring better performance with Battery Coding for a smooth start-stop and improving fuel efficiency.

2-year Warranty Plan - Securing ŠKODA energy to service your vehicle.


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