Genuine parts


We approach fixing cars the same as how we approach making them: using original factory parts of the upmost quality to provide maximum safety, reliability and durability. And with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty on all genuine parts, it's like ... it's like driving your car for the first time, every time.

Brake Pads

We carefully select the brake lining materials, single out the finest manufacturing technology, and run the toughest of tests for each and every of our brake pads and discs. Because we are well aware of the fact that it is not just vehicle damage at stake here, but also - and more importantly - the safety of you and your loved ones.


Your engine's performance suffers when you neglect filter maintenance, fail to replace filters on time, or use unapproved types. The use and regular replacement of Škoda Genuine Filters is your guarantee of excellent performance, reliability and a long service life. 

Window Wipers

Good visibility in wet conditions is imperative for your safety. That's why our Aero-wipers are an advanced wiper with key benefits: perfect wiping performance throughout the length of the wiper, precision wiping even at high speeds, minimum noise and improved resistance thanks to removal of levers and longer service life. A simple solution to keep you out of danger. 

Spark plugs

At Škoda, spark plugs are just as important to us. Because we want only the best driving experience for you. The quality and design of spark plugs determines how well your engine performs and how reliable it is. A correctly set spark plug positively influences the combustion process of a petrol engine and thereby reduces the volume of waste products in emissions. 

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers affect handling, the braking distance, tyre wear, and stress on the body and chassis components. Their design, high quality and guarantee of optimal performance contribute considerably to your car's excellent handling, come rain or shine. They also help the vehicle to hug the road, especially around bends, which adds to the ease and comfort for you and your passengers alike.

Genuine Exhausts

Only high quality stainless material or a combination of it and double-sided aluminiumised sheet are used to make our exhaust systems. Because we are commited to keeping your exhaust from running out of puff.

Belts & Pulleys

The life of your engine depends on the service life of belts and tension rollers. Should a timing belt or tension roller snap or break unexpectedly, the resulting damage could be very expensive. Not good for us, not good for you. So we make sure our tension rollers meet a number of demanding parameters including: minimum extension of the belt during long-term stress, maintenance-free operation and error-free operation through their service life.

Body Parts

Škoda Genuine Body Parts are a lot more robust than non-original products and have an anti-corrosion coating that is up to three times thicker. This extends their resilience and durability. The precision fit with other components guarantees that your car's original look will not be disfigured. This precision keeps repair costs down because there is no need to make any changes prior to painting and installation.

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