As Šmart as it looks


You no longer need to be holding your key in order to open and lock your car.

The KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and exit System) control unit recognises the key up to 1.5 metres away from the car, allowing you to have keyless entry of the boot and both front and rear doors.


As Šmart as it looks

Mobile phone sockets

The Octavia offers ingenious storage points such as pockets on the backs of the front seats for your various smart devices.

As Šmart as it looks

Storage compartment for umbrella

Rainy day? No worries. The storage compartment in the driver's door is equipped with an umbrella to ensure no wet weather dampens your drive.

The smart design of an inbuilt water drainage system makes the rain go away, keeping the car's interior dry and puddle-free.


As Šmart as it looks

Jumbo box with adjustable armrest

The Jumbo Box is a practical storage compartment located in the adjustable armrest between the front seats, and is easily accessible by the driver and the co-driver.

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