Škoda Octavia Combi RS – a sporty ride


Škoda's engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure that you find the Octavia Combi RS just as fun when you drive round bends. The specific sports chassis features rigid suspension with shorter springs, specific sporty shock absorbers and a ride height 15 mm low (this does not apply to the RS iV). The standard-fit reinforced brakes and multilink suspension on the rear axle deliver excellent handling characteristics and high driving comfort.

Škoda Octavia Combi RS – a sporty ride


For maximum driving pleasure, the Octavia Combi RS can be fitted with Dynamic Chassis Control, incorporating Performance Mode Select. As such, the car offers several modes that change both the stiffness of the shock absorbers and other vehicle settings. You can reconfigure the car from a comfortable, relaxed mode to a dynamic, sporty setting at the touch of a button.

Škoda Octavia Combi RS – a sporty ride


The Octavia Combi RS is fitted with progressive steering to provide better handling and agility in curves. The progressive steering changes the ratio depending on how far the wheel is turned so that you don't have to keep shuffling your hands round the steering wheel. This makes it easier to manoeuvre on twisty roads, in city traffic or when parking.

Škoda Octavia Combi RS powertrains


If you have pure petrol running through your veins and want a great-sounding powerful engine, then go for the 2.0 TSI 180 kW. The 7-speed DSG automatic transmission is for true connoisseurs. The power is always transmitted to the front wheels.

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