Škoda Octavia Combi SMART TECHNOLOGY

Virtual cockpit

The latest generation of the digital and individually customisable instrument panel comes with a 10.25-inch screen and is now even more user-friendly. Different layouts with key driving information can be cleverly displayed using controls on the multifunction steering wheel.

Škoda Octavia Combi SMART TECHNOLOGY

New enhanced voice control system

Meet our Voice Assistant, Laura, a new and enhanced voice control system that understands natural speech and can answer inquiries about a wide variety of topics as well as obey commands such as selecting radio stations, making phone calls and even setting the temperature.

Škoda Octavia Combi SMART TECHNOLOGY

Wireless smartphone charging

The Phone Box is a mobile phone storage compartment in the centre console that enables smartphones to be charged inductively.

Škoda Octavia Combi SMART TECHNOLOGY

LED ambient lighting

The new LED ambient lighting indirectly illuminates the front doors, dashboard and footwells, granting better visibility at night. Choose from a palette of RGB colours and assign different colours to the dashboard and front doors, differentiating it from the footwell. Can't make find a cohesive lighting scheme? Simply select from our coordinated lighting scenarios.

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