Škoda octavia comfort

Adaptive cruise control

When it comes to long journeys on the expressway, you'll appreciate Adaptive Cruise Control, which allows the car to cruise at a set speed, slow down when it closes the gap with the car ahead, and accelerates again when the road is open.

Škoda octavia comfort

Virtual pedal

Virtual Pedal ensures ease of touch-free access to the luggage compartment via a motion sensor under the rear bumper. If the system identifies the authorised key and detects the 'kick' motion, the boot will open.

Škoda octavia comfort

An even roomier interior

With the all-new Octavia, passengers benefit from unrivalled space in every direction. Sit comfortably at the wheel and enjoy even more headroom, shoulder room and elbow room. With so much space on the rear seats, you can now luxuriate in a comfortable stretch - the remarkable legroom has been increased even more in the new generation.

Škoda octavia comfort

A graciously spacious boot

The Octavia boot sports plenty of space for all your needs, but that's not all. Now, you can keep your boot compartment cool and protected from the sun with the retractable load cover. Plus, make loading a breeze with the variable boot floor, which means no more lifting heavy items over a pesky boot lip.

Škoda octavia comfort

Shift by wire

The Octavia features shift by wire technology that delivers maximum comfort in vehicles equipped with automatic transmission. The shift-by-wire system takes the use of modern technology another step forward. The new shifting selector does not have a fixed mechanical connection to the DSG gearbox. Instead, shifting takes place purely electronically.

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