Škoda kodiaq full LED lights

Full LED matrix headlights

The headlights of the new Škoda Kodiaq use LEDs for all of their functions. LED technologies' many upsides include their longer life and the fact that they are less of a drain on power. On top of that, they feature a side light and the cutting-edge Matrix function.

Škoda kodiaq full LED lights

Full LED tail lights

The full LED headlights are complemented by the very best full LED tail lights in the signature C-shape, which incorporate diodes to play every role.

Škoda kodiaq full LED lights

Matrix function

Using a multifunction camera that detects light sources from oncoming vehicles, the Matrix function of the full LED headlights masks out the light distribution around other vehicles or traffic signs in real time with individually switchable LED chips in each headlight. This results in a perfectly illuminated road ahead and greater safety.

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