Škoda kodiaq park assist

Park distance control with manoeuvre assist

The system warns of the potential risk of colliding with obstacles during parking by drawing data from the sensors, the driving parameters, and the steering wheel angle. To avoid those parking situations where you don't brake in time in response to the distance alerts, the new Kodiaq incorporates Manoeuvre Assist, a feature that stops the car to avoid collision.

Škoda kodiaq park assist

Park assist

Park Assist semi-automatically guides the car into perpendicular parking spaces, and in and out of parallel spots. The system assists you by automatically carrying out optimal steering wheel movements to park within the lines, you just have to accelerate and brake. Park Assist can also finish off a parking manoeuvre that has already started.

Škoda kodiaq park assist

Rear-view camera with washer

When reverse gear is engaged, the camera in the tailgate is activated and the image is shown on the infotainment system display. Dynamic guide lines laid over the image show the direction in which the vehicle would go with the position of the steering wheel or indicate when it should be turned.

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