Škoda kodiaq assist systems

Front Assist with predictive pedestrian protection

The Front Assist is a collision-alert safety system. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences. It also performs an emergency stop if a pedestrian or cyclist attempts to cross the path of the car.

Škoda kodiaq assist systems

Side assist

Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind or that are in the car's blind spot. The driver is informed of this using an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings. Side Assist can detect vehicles up to 70 m away and thus also effectively warns the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways.

Škoda kodiaq assist systems

Adaptive lane assist

Lane Assist can tell when you stray from a lane unintentionally. The enhanced "Adaptive" variant means that the system intervenes in an attempt to keep the vehicle in the selected track within the traffic lane, and the car does not "weave". The Adaptive Lane Assist system works in conjunction with a camera to recognise lane markings on the road, including yellow lines during roadworks, traffic cones, and other roadside or lane borders. 

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