ŠKODA KODIAQ Clever Outside


The ŠKODA KODIAQ's tailgate can be optionally operated by pressing a button from the driver's seat, with the remote-controlled key or by pressing a button on the tailgate. The car can be fitted with an optional virtual pedal for touchless tailgate opening/closing.

*Available only with KODIAQ Sportline, Style, and L&K

ŠKODA KODIAQ Clever Outside


The automatically deploying plastic door-edge protectors are one of the practical solutions to everyday life that will endear you to the new KODIAQ. They are spring-loaded, so when the door is opened, the protector flips out to prevent minor scratches on your car and the vehicle next to you.

*Available only with KODIAQ L&K

ŠKODA KODIAQ Clever Outside


The large optional panoramic sunroof with a sunshade delivers plenty of daylight into the interior. The glass is tinted black, so only a comfortable amount of light and heat is allowed to enter the vehicle. 

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