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ŠKODA KAROQ Clever Inside


The ŠKODA KAROQ has an umbrella compartment in both front doors, allowing for the storage of two umbrellas. The compartments are water-resistant so that wet umbrellas can be stored there while drained water is channelled outside of the car.

ŠKODA KAROQ Clever Inside


The practical phone compartment, located in front of the gear stick, creates an amplified signal for your mobile device. At the same time, it wirelessly charges your phone while driving.

*Available only with KAROQ Style

ŠKODA KAROQ Clever Inside


The electronic parking brake doesn't just create more space between the front seats, but also increases safety and comfort. Equipped with an Auto Hold function, the brake prevents the vehicle from rolling away at standstill or when pulling away, without the driver having to touch the brakes.

ŠKODA KAROQ Clever Inside


The Easy-open cup holder is one of our simple yet very useful solutions. As the name suggests, the unique shape of the holder makes it possible for the driver to open the bottle with just one hand and thus pay appropriate attention to steering. The ŠKODA KAROQ comes with two Easy-open cup holders as standard.

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